Simple Ways to Stay Safe with Covid-19 in our Lives

Just Mask Up

I had my four month follow up with my oncologist on Monday, July 20,2020. Of course, being in the world we live in right now, I made sure to ask my oncologist how at risk am I and what can I do to protect myself but still have a life. None of like feeling like we are locked up. I was pleased to hear that we were doing what we needed to do to ensure our health.

Her emphasis was on wearing a mask in public settings. Spend time outside with others. Wash hands frequently and sanitize surfaces often. She even mentioned an incident about two Missouri hairdressers who were symptomatic but the stylists and all their customers wore masks. No one contracted the virus.

Today I came across this article in The Cut and it mentioned the incident with the hairstylists. It also has reiterated what my oncologist said about ways to protect ourselves. Not just those at higher risk, but everyone. The masks are annoying, hot, at times a little claustrophobic. But it works.

Just Mask Up

Top 5 ways to stay safe:

  1. Wear a mask when in public spaces of unknown people. Such as the grocery store, church, etc.
  2. Wash you hands frequently. Before I rinse my hands, I wash down the hand of the sink, the top of the soap bottle and the sanitizer. Your hands are already soapy, why not?!
  3. Spray sanitizer on the surfaces that are touched often. Front door knobs, remotes, toilet handle, silverware draw knob, dishwasher, refrigerator and stove handles. Just to name a few.
  4. Place sanitizer at your front door with a note asking everyone to use it before entering your home or ringing the doorbell.
  5. As humans we are designed to be in community with others. Get to know your neighbors. Schedule time in an outdoor settings to socialize. If Covid has a positive outcome this may it. People getting back to being neighborly and families getting to spend quality time together. Take a lot at the “pod” rules in the article. Great questions to ask to be sure everyone stays healthy.

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