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Because of Plexus my husband restored his body after gall bladder surgery that put him into diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). I just wanted to be healthier and was taking before my cancer diagnosis. I am grateful that I was because afterwards Plexus and healthier lifestyle helped my re-balance my body easier.


These are products that I used (and still use) during my recovery. The bamboo PJs are my absolute favorite. The more you wear them to softer they get. They are also great considering the hot flashes that come on. Looking for a gift for someone going through their journey? Any of these would be a great choice.
Shipped directly to you on the recommendation of a professional, ME. Why buy from a professional? Because professional products are concentrated and proven. Off the shelf products are cheaper because they contain more fillers and water. With professional products, you use less product and get better results.
I used the products through chemo and afterwards to help the hair follicles stay healthy. Even though the chemo caused hair loss, we can still do things to nourish our scalp. These products were designed by a doctor, leaves your hair soft and boosts growth.
Clean Beauty. The way is should be.

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