Looking Back at Accolades

In 2008, I was a successful Director of Sales for a hotel with numerous awards on my resume including Hotel of the Year for my brand from my management company. My passion for being a part of weddings had been apart of my life for a long time. At the hotel, creating a space for weddings when there was no designated space by utilizing an outdoor patio and the beach showed my outside the box thinking.

When I met my husband he knew I had a long time desire to become a hair and makeup artist. I went to school in the evenings and first obtained by facial specialist license in Florida. I met Cleo Spielberg (Steven Speilberg’s aunt) in school. Under her apprenticeship I learned to art of airbrush makeup and lots and tips to the makeup world. I was honored to work with her. In 2011, I left the hotel industry and began working as a makeup artist (MUA) as I did not have a full cosmetology license (that came later in 2015).

Over the years, as any artist does, my technique improved. I grew my business to two free standing salons and I had a team of artists that worked with me handling weddings throughout the Florida Panhandle. Our salon was even selected as one of the top 10 salons in the area two years in a row. We completed a transformation in less than 24 hours. This was in 2016 where were second runners up.

Over the years, I learned all kinds of tips and techniques for locking down makeup in even on the most humid of days and with all different types of skin. There are also some things that just cannot be taught. They come instinctively with time and age. Working primarily with bridal parties has it’s emotional aspect and even if you are the best of artists, you still must know how to read the room and be ahead of some situations. You have to stay on time. The last thing you want to be is under pressure trying to finish. Not only will they nit-pick every detail, you will walk away feeling as though you didn’t give your all.

Here’s a picture of me in action. I like to used a combination of application techniques, both airbrush and with a brush.

One of the last accolades came just after my first chemo treatment. I appeared on The Weather Channel Crash My Wedding summer 2018 series. I made this guest appearance 1 week after my treatment. My hair had started thinning and thanks to the seabreeze and the scarf, it looked like my curly hair was just about the same. Here are some of my favorite makeup hacks for a hot wedding day.

Now that I have been going through my own cancer journey and learned the importance of clean beauty. I know that I can help others find the perfect way to use the right products. Would you be interested in a one-on-one consultation? Click here to schedule a virtual in-person consultation.

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