Is Your Fear Helpful?

We have been told “You have cancer.” We take it in and then we have to face something we’ve never experienced before. In times like this, fear is a healthy and appropriate response. So are tears and anger. I think the last 2 years I have cried enough tears to fill the ocean. And anger, well let’s just say I’m happy my husband understood when I exploded.

God provides us with the ability to use fear as a response for our protection. When He says “do not be afraid” it is almost always to someone who is already afraid. He is reassuring us, in a loving and kind way, it’s not meant to rebuke the experience of fear; it’s a invitation to seek more of Him. I really connected with God by focusing on scriptures more than ever before.

Telling ourselves to never be afraid is not helpful. It’s not a realistic expectation either. Not now, at this moment. Is our fear helpful? To determine that is to understand what is considered helpful fear. Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Does your fear draw you closer to God?
Does your fear cause you pay more attention to your habits? Could we eat better? Exercise more? Sleep more? See the little things along the way?
Does your fear make your stronger? More courageous?


Does it paralyze you?
Does it consume your every thought or reaction?
Does it make you want to give up?

It is natural to think through both sets of these questions. But which ones do you focus on the most? Take a moment and exhale all the negative thoughts. Inhale, what small thing can I do, right now, to use my fear for my good as God intends. I found this very helpful. I even wrote down ways that I could use my fear. It’s how I came up with how I could use my expertise and my struggles with what had been cast upon me to make good in the world.

With much love, health and happiness,

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